A Month of Manuscripts, Illustrations & Other Things

I haven’t been journalling here for awhile and I’ll take that as a good sign. That’s because I’ve been busy doing what I’m supposed to be doing – writing!

Since I last posted about the bee in my bonnet I’ve completed a number of projects including:  a new short story for children called, Willow’s Broken Shells.  I’ve entered it in a competition run by Creative Kids Tales and will know the results later this year. I wrote it for the experience and I grew to really like the story in the process. The characters, Willow and her mother, won me over and it was a pleasure to tell their story.

I had a WIP (work in progress) adult short story on the go at the time and it’s this story where the idea for my latest children’s short story grew, and I’m so glad it did. The original idea for adult story, The Blessing Boxcame from my summation that things or people need to be broken to let in the light. The Blessing Box is completed and entered into the Sunshine Coast Literary Association’s 2015 Poetry and Short Story Competition.

In addition to the two stories above, I completed a second reworked adult short story called, Sisterly Acts, which is entered in the SCLA’s competition, along with two rhyming poems, Life Lessons – Time and Cherished Family and a free verse poem called, What the Artist Knows.

photo (2)

Photo credit: Debbie Smith

As if that isn’t enough, I completed my first children’s picture book manuscript, yes the one I mentioned in my bee in my bonnet post, fully editedand have completed a number of illustrations. I worked to a strict deadline and yesterday, entered them in the CYA Conference’s Competition.

So, since my last blog entry here back in March, I’ve been working … working, and it’s felt so good. I think I’ve managed to squeeze in quite a lot in a short space of time, although, because I’m not really an illustrator, I found drawing really quite time consuming. But, I’m not complaining.

I have also used my time to network and grow my sphere of influence…oh, and design my business card to complement my website…the list just grows. It’s actually good writing about it so I can see for myself just how productive I’ve been.

Keep in mind, this is just about the writing goals, and then there’s the personal goals and I’ve kicked some of them too.

What latest projects have you been working on? I’d love to hear from you.

Please leave a comment and let me know.


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