The Strawberry Patch: Children’s Books

Photo credit: Debbie Smith for A Garden of Verse & Stories

Photo credit: Debbie Smith for A Garden of Art & Stories


Here at the Strawberry Patch of Children’s Books, I will endeavour to share some of my favourite stories and books with you. As this site is new, of course it will take me some time to build and add books, however, I will certainly do my best to discuss and review quality books that you might enjoy sharing with your children or students.

I will try to add my thoughts with each book I share, however, you are intelligent and can read and form your own opinions. I’m not so naive to think what I recommend will cause a stampede to the local library or book store, but I enjoy reading what other readers have to say and I am very capable of making my own choice and I respect that you are too.

I enjoy reading books written for children as well as books written for adults. I just wish there were more hours in my day and night. It is fun to read my way through life. Stories are extremely important to me and for me, there is nothing like a great story to get lost in…other than spending precious time with my family and creating our own stories.

To be a good or great writer, you need to be a great reader. It is important to read quality writing so that you can learn from the masters. So, without further ado…grab yourself a book and read your heart out…

Happy reading…

Miss Debbie


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