A Little Patch of Poetry

Photo Credit: Debbie Smith

Photo Credit: Debbie Smith

Is Poetry Relevant?

If you are like me, then the question above is a no brainer. Poetry is relevant and very much a part of my life, if not on a daily basis, then close to it. I constantly think of topics in poetic arrangement, form new ideas, play with lines and rhyming patterns, and I endeavour to master imagery using word pictures instead of other forms of artistic media. These are just a few of my favourite things to do.


And I am sure there are others; in fact I know there are others that feel the same way as me. Over the years and based upon my own writing journey and experiences, poetry is a way of life and useful to me. It teaches me about the world, empathy, ways I can express my emotions and be heard. Writing poetry allows me to be a voice for others who may not have the courage or possess the skills to express the way they feel.


Poets are a voice, and have been for centuries.


Poetry has lasted through the ages and will continue to do so. I am as sure of this in the same way I am sure the air that I breathe will sustain my life.


Poetry is timeless and limitless. It is non gender-biased, non age-biased and is definitely non subject-biased. Anyone who wants to give it a go can do so.


I am blessed to teach and share my passion for poetry and other forms of creative writing to students from Year 1 all the way to Year 6 in the beautiful and inspiring State of Queensland, Australia. Poetry is very much alive and well in my students’ lives.


They learn how to get in touch with their emotions and use their senses to help them add meaning to their creative pieces. They learn how to write succinctly and make important word choices. They are on a creative writing journey and it is a delight to watch their expressions throughout the whole process; the excitement they feel when they decide upon a topic, the frowns and furrows quizzically morphing on their faces as they try to come up with just the right word or figure out a solution, the jubilation when that word comes to them, the satisfaction they feel when they have edited and polished their work and the joy it brings when they publish their good copy.


And this is the same for adults. Perseverance is the key. My students are learning it. I am learning it. Anyone who is keen to, will meet Mr Perseverance and either stick with him or break up with him. Those who stick with him will be rewarded.


Poetry is short. It is much shorter than a short story, a novella or a novel. In our time-strapped daily lives, poetry is something possible. It is do-able. You may not even be aware, but writing helps polish our skills for other forms of writing. Poetry teaches us how to write imagery using few words. It sharpens our eyes to select and use, only the words necessary to convey our meaning. Whilst it is short and fast, I won’t be so bold and say it is easy, although some may find it, all three.


A space has been created here for poetry and if you click on the drop down box under A Little Patch of Poetry, you will find ideas to help with poetry writing and some written poems to be enjoyed.

Happy writing

Miss Debbie


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