Children’s Poetry

Photo Art Credit: Debbie Smith

Photo Art Credit: Debbie Smith



Children’s Poetry is to be celebrated.


It adds pizazz to the mundane and joy to the heart.

It adds laughter where once there was silence.

It makes you giggle, and triggle, jump up and down and,

it turns those frowns, upside down.


If you want to look for poetry for children

Or see poetry written by children,

Then hover the mouse over the Children’s Poetry link and a side bar will appear with a drop down box, and wallah…


Some poetry will appear.


Now remember, this website is brand new and whilst you may not find very much here just now, more will be added as I make time to tend to this little patch in the garden. So, please be patient. Poems will grow here, slowly, but surely.


Please enjoy and remember, if you have a poem you’d like to see here, please click here and send it to me and tell me why you think it should be shared with the rest of the world.


I hope you find this part of the garden inspiring. After you read a couple of poems, why don’t you have a go at writing your own? You will never know until you try.


Thanks for visiting…

Happy reading & writing …

Miss Debbie



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