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When people talk or think about writing, it con jours up a variety of ideas.

Recently I asked my Year 1 students, who have just started attending their first creative writing sessions, why they thought they were invited to these new writing workshops and what sort of writing did they expect to learn? Their answers to the second question were:  ‘printing’, ‘running writing’, ‘curly letters’ and ‘spelling’ to name but a few. Being a teacher their answers didn’t surprise me, but it just goes to show these youngsters focused on the simple mechanics of writing, rather than genres or creativity. Their level of understanding was more in line with concrete, rather than abstract thinking, which, by the way is perfectly normal for Year 1.

Everyone, including adults and school aged students are at varying levels of understanding and skill when it comes to creative writing, even if they happen to be in the same year level. The skills of creative writing are a very personal and individual journey which can be very frustrating for some, while for others, it is their oxygen for life.

In the year 2007 I undertook a post-graduate diploma in Creative Writing at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Kelvin Grove. I left full-time teaching to follow a dream of mine that had lain dormant for most of my life. Going to university to study something I am passionate about was the best thing I ever did for my career. I enjoy writing and putting words on paper. I love the feel of them gurgling around inside of me, just waiting for an opportunity to spill out all over their blank canvas. I love the feel of good old-fashioned pen on paper as well as the striking of a keyboard. I don’t view myself as gifted or talented as a writer. For me, as with most people, it is hard work, but without it, I would feel like I was starved for oxygen.

After I graduated from my creative writing course, I returned to the school, a large independent school in Brisbane, where I have worked since 2001 and where, after a short break, have taught creative writing in the College’s Gifted & Talented Program ever since. I have written and developed creative writing programs and taught for the past five years, whilst developing my own writing style. I feel I am in writers’ heaven when I get the opportunity to share my passion and love of books and writing with enthusiastic students and adults who show interest.

I have toyed with the idea to set up a blog about Creative Writing for some time now, but just felt I needed more time. However this year, I feel I have experienced a shift in my writing as well as growing confidence that I might be able to share some ideas and some of my experiences in teaching to the world of creative writing. Immersing myself in solid readings, sharing on a daily basis, discussing the complexities of writing and practicing my craft has all helped develop my writing and lift my knowledge. I am by no means an expert, but simply passionate about books and writing.

If you are visiting here, I hope you find something you are looking for or at the very least, enjoy the experience.

Thanks for dropping by…

Miss Debbie


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