The Plotters Patch – Short Stories


Image Credit: Blue Chair Diary Illustrations

Image Credit: Blue Chair Diary Illustrations


~ Introduction ~

Who doesn’t love a good story; even if it’s a short one?

Stories of adventure, parables to learn from, tall tales, silly stories of misadventure, beautiful love stories, or funny yarns are all great ways to entertain young and old. And, short stories can be just the answer, especially if we don’t have a whole lot of time, or we have only a short attention span. Whether you are writing them or reading them for pleasure, short stories are a great way to escape your busy life and slow down; or simply a pleasant way to pass some time.

This section of my garden, the Plotters Patch will be dedicated to both, the reading and the writing of short stories. In this little patch of the garden, I plan to plant and grow trays of seedlings (creative ideas) to help you, if it is your wish to create a short story. I also plan to share some of my own short stories, if you’re looking for something different to read. Please keep in mind, I’m not a mulching machine that can pump out the stories like a wood chipper can spit chips, but I will certainly do my best to share just a few here and here with you.

I have written a number of short stories over the years, mostly for the experience and my enjoyment. So far I have refrained from pursuing the publishing pathway, but I sometimes secretly entertain the possibility from time to time. I am a firm believer in times and seasons. Since 2007, I have used my dedicated writing time and some spare time to practice my craft, polish it and learn all I can. I consider myself a life long learner and firmly believe you are never too old to learn new things.

I invite you to explore the Plotters Patch and enjoy the fertile seedlings of ideas and stories that might be found here. Maybe you will learn something too along your journey, but if not, hopefully you will have enjoyed your visit here.

Happy plotting…

Miss Debbie


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