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Point of View (POV)

click here to read article on the Elements of Creative Writing and then try this writing exercise below:

Writing Exercise:

So far, we have covered some of the elements of writing a short story, however, there are quite a few more that you will need to know. But what I have shared with you here is enough for you to now go and have a play with. Check out some of your favourite books and see what perspectives they have been written in. This is great practice for learning to identify quickly, what the POV (point of view) each story has been written in. Do this for every story you encounter from now on. Soon you will become an expert at quickly identifying POVs. This is also a great exercise in finding out what works for you.

Questions to ask yourself and discuss with a friend:

What POV’s did you enjoy the most from the books you have read so far?

photoDo you think that a particular POV might be a way you would like to tell a story?

How does the way an author uses a particular POV to tell their story affect you as a reader?

Try this:

Have a play. Make up some short passages, just like my examples in the article. Now, write them using the different points of view and discover which works best for you. Can you hear your voice in your writing.

Keep practicing…

and until next time

stay writing

Miss Debbie

PS Don’t forget…I love hearing your comments and feedback, so please write (in the box below) and tell me about your favourite POVs and let me know if you feel this writing exercise helped you. What did you discover while carrying out the exercise?


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