Writing Warm Ups – Journaling (akka Fertiliser Plot)



Image Credit: carolynreuben

Image Credit: carolynreuben

Hello again,


I knew I would find myself back here in this little part of my garden soon enough. Knowing me, I will find it hard to stay away from the journaling section of my Garden of Art and Stories. I love to journal and can do so on just about any topic I find interesting enough to write about.

I will have to make sure I also attend to the other plots in my garden. I will try very hard not to neglect any of the other areas and spend too much time here because I want my garden to be balanced and to stay alive and feel vibrant.

My daughter, the one with the green thumb, will no doubt laugh if she ever reads my website and blog. When she realises I am using the garden as my metaphor, she will grin to herself and if she is kind and gracious, she won’t say a word. But, if she finds it too funny, I guess she will pay me out a little because her and I (and most of my friends) know that I’m not all that good at keeping things alive in my garden. I am always full of good intentions and I try very hard in the beginning, but then sometimes I just forget to water my thirsty little darlings and very soon they wilt and some die. I hate myself when I find my poor darlings dead in the garden, probably even more so than when I have to kill off my darlings in my story writing.

That’s a whole other journal entry right there.

Okay, so I’m not going to spend too much time here boring you to death about my life of journaling, however, it’s probably important to mention that I do and why I think it’s useful. If I share a little about my writing process, it might help you, or inspire you. Who knows? It would be kind of cool if that did happen and a great purpose for me to create this garden for us to hang out and play in.

I have been journaling myself for many years and have always found it useful for a variety of reasons. I’ve used journaling to help me form understandings of my spiritual life; sort out issues that I’ve found too hard to speak to anyone about; a way to write difficult letters to people that I will never actually give them, but have found it a useful medium to ‘say’ what needed to be said without hurting them. Journaling helps me to feel better and see things in a different light and clearer way. And on rare occasions, I’ve used journaling as a dress rehearsal for something that actually did need to be said to someone and I wanted everything to be clear in my mind in the hope that I could get my message across without any collateral damage. And it has actually worked…for me.

Words are powerful.

Journaling is a great way to write down your feelings and just may help you to figure out why you are experiencing them. I always feel better after I’ve poured my heart out onto a blank page. Everyone hurts at different times in his or her life. I know I’m certainly not an exception and I’ve always found journaling to be therapeutic and a useful way to help me heal.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a sad and tragic life, but it sounds a bit like I do, doesn’t it? So, I’d better add some of the other benefits I’ve found journaling to help with.

Journaling is a great way to recount important events and experiences in my life, and boy, won’t that be especially helpful – in case I ever suffer from dementia down the track?

It’s also a great tool to help me with my creative writing. I journal ideas and scenarios and try to work out ways to make things sound or work better. Writing can be quite a lonely business, and usually when I am working there is no one else around who can be my sounding board. Well, that’s where my trusty journal buddy steps up to the plate and lends me a hand.

Journals are also a great place to perform writing warm ups which can consist of anything really, like writing exercises, quick snippets of everyday writing, a place to get rid of all the mundane stuff that’s floating around in your head and the list of things ‘to do’ that keep interrupting and intruding your thought processes.

Journaling creates a writing habit, if you do it everyday or on a regular basis. It helps you stay disciplined to your craft.

Habits are first cobwebs, then cables

                                                                                                      Spanish Proverb

It’s a great idea when you are working to have a little notebook beside you to jot down all the odds and ends that pop into your head that you know you have to attend to later in your day. That way, you clear a space for all the creative juices to flow in and nourish your little seedlings and plants that are growing in the garden of your mind.

Head on over to Mr Roger’s neighbourhood. He has something to share about the garden of your mind…

And on that point, I must away…

I don’t want to outstay my welcome.

So until next time,


Happy writing…

Miss Debbie


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