My little buddy Oscar

Hello …

Great job discovering us and thanks for stopping by. We’re really glad to see you here.

Do you love making art? What about creating stories? Do you like to sit under a shady tree and read a good book? Have you ever dreamed about writing a book? Do you enjoy discovering new authors? Would you like to find out more about your favourite author?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you’ve come to the right place.

But that’s not all you’ll find here.

We’re just starting out and we hope to have some fun along the way, and invite you to join us. This is a place that is child-friendly and grown-up friendly and everything in between. We hope to see many children visit us as the word spreads. Maybe if you like to spend time here and find out about cool stuff, you might like to help show others where they can find us too.

A Garden of Art and Stories …

uses art and other secret herbs and spices to springboard into our imagination and sow the seeds of the creative writing process. It is the place where words and imagination come out to play.

At a Garden of Art and Stories, our aim is to create a safe environment where children can learn and grow in confidence using self expression through experimentation with art and words.

We will endeavour to create and grow a fertile garden of ideas and community. We invite you, as our community, to share your ideas.

There is beauty in art and power in the word.

Our history is birthed from ancient marks, art and legends.

Stories are who we are.

You are a story.

Tell it.

Are you wondering who the little guy at the top of the page is?

He is my little buddy, Oscar. He’s our cavoodle and is six-years old and a great source of love and inspiration. He is my constant companion when I am home and writing. He will often ask to sit on my lap while I work at the computer. I’m sure he is checking up on me to make sure I’m writing stuff he approves of. You may see Oscar bob up every now and again on various pages. I like to have him close by when I’m working in my garden.

It is all in good fun, so let your new adventure begin.

Keep making art & happy writing,

Miss Debbie & (Oscar)

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