Life Lessons – Time


Photo Credit: Kmitu

Photo Credit: Kmitu

They say time waits for no one

For this I’m sure is true

I’m always running in a spin

Chasing after you


They say time speeds the older you get

For this I know is true

I try my best to reel it in

I use my strongest lure


But time heeds not; it’s mission bent

No one can tame this beast

I’d like to learn the secret

To slow it down, at least


They say tomorrow always comes

Thank God, for that, I know

Because another day has ended

And my list to do just grows


But, for some, tomorrow won’t come

Time for them will cease

Does it matter in the scheme of things

If their goals, they did not reach?


They say we must live each day like our last

Prioritise the best

Spend the time with loved ones most

Forget about the rest


Live your life and live your dreams

Hope for a better tomorrow

Energise the positive

Don’t dwell on all the sorrow


They say life’s not a dress rehearsal

What shall we do today?

We only get one chance at this

Will we fritter it away?


Time, you teach us lessons

On the things that we should do

You are a strict taskmaster

That sometimes makes us blue


But other times, you send us joy

Time for blessings and wealth

You offer us times and seasons

Throughout our life and health.


They say time waits for no one

For this I know is true

But it’s teaching me some lessons

That, I’m sure you’re learning too


by Debbie Smith – 23 March 2012


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