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Games to Inspire Writing and Ignite Children’s Enthusiasm


Whenever I work with students, I always resort to what I know and, what works best. I personally choose to begin a workshop with a game of some description. Games are a great way to break the ice, build team work and trust, liven up thinking and are a signpost to everyone that they are not only here to learn something, but to have some fun doing it. It generally doesn’t take too long for even the most reluctant participants to relax and join in, once they see other students laughing and enjoying themselves.


Over the years I have relied on a few tried and trusted games to help consolidate ideas by adapting them to suit the concept I am trying to teach or revise. I will be sharing some of these games on here where you will be able to try them out for yourself.


Writing is a very sedentary activity and games using movement are a great way to get students up, moving and stretching; stimulating them in order to break any possible writers block should it occur. It is a wise teacher who watches for students who aren’t engaging in their activity anymore and regains their attention by introducing a quick game to reboot their writing or thinking process, rather than reminding them every five minutes to stay on task.


Over time I will add games that have worked for me, and I will also add games I discover and might like to try myself, to this part of the garden. If you hover the mouse over the Creative Writing Turf button, a drop down box will appear. Hover the mouse over Games and Thinking Skills and another side box will appear. A list of games will be added here for you to sample.




If you have a favourite game that is not listed here and you would like to share it, please click here and write and tell me about it in an email.


I hope you find mountains of fun and enjoyment here as I continue to add games to this part of the garden.


Thanks for visiting…


Miss Debbie


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