Journal Entry ~ Running the Race

Photo Credit: Jamey Price

                                                                                 Photo Credit: Jamey Price

Do you ever feel like the proverbial horse that’s bolted from the barriers, energised and trying hard for a win and yet the faster you run, the slower you go because someone keeps putting up barriers and obstacles along the race track that seem to take forever to get over, under or around?

I’m feeling a little bit like that horse. I’m energised and on the go, go, go, but my race is on a very steep track (aka learning curve) and each time I hit a brick wall or obstacle, my confidence gets a little dented. I forge on but find myself wishing I was quicker at working things out than I am. A lot of my current obstacles are of a technological nature and with things constantly being updated and changed, I feel like my race is more like a dance; two steps forward, one step back.

The key is giving myself permission to spend the time I need to learn the new skills I wish to acquire and also to write. Today I spent time playing with my website/blog and trying to get familiar with blog speak and experimenting with how things work. I feel I learnt something today and the best thing for me today was seeing the number of other bloggers taking time away from their own work to visit my site and show me some appreciation. It was a real wow factor for me. I went from zero followers this morning to a small handful of followers by tonight. I posted some smaller bite sized pieces of work up and real people, strangers to me from other parts of the world, stopped by and liked what I posted. They didn’t have to do that, but they did, and I certainly appreciated it…and still do.

I tried to reciprocate by visiting their websites and liking some of their work. I found quite a big world out there today, whereas last night when I was trying to find my way around in WordPress cyberspace, I didn’t have much luck.

One thing I already know is:  networking is the key to growing your sphere of influence, and

One of the many things I learned today:  there are a lot of people out there with very interesting things to say and show the world. I enjoyed a fun day or exploration and entertainment.

I understand there will continue to be many obstacles and barriers for me to work my way around, over or under and I accept that. I also accept there will be bruising and dents to my confidence along the way. But, I know I must forge on and chase the reward. It’s all part of the race. The race is not a pushover. It’s a challenge and it’s hard, but I’m going to win my race, for I am not racing others; I am racing myself.

A most respected imagineer, Mr Randy Pausch said this of brick walls…

Quote Credit: Randy Pausch


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